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Hannah & Nusa Lembongan

January 29, 2013

So I met Hannah from Germany at the Perama ‘office’ waiting for the boat to Nusa Lembongan. 25, long dark wavy hair, ripped jean shorts, grey 3/4 sleeve long-john shirt, left-handed, non smoker ten days now – except for one in Kuta. In checking out the yoga situation here, she met Mark: English chap, bleached blonde from real sun, he’s been in Bali off and on for four years, and for the last two. He’s a dive instructor and ecologist, he is nice, quieter, more genuine and more sober than the Aussies that have descended upon the Mainski bar where we are staying. Mark hasn’t had a drink for a week. Hannah and I played pool and had a beer, and when Mark joined, we split a $2 pack of Marlboro Lights and had two each.

Mainski’s bar at night is not bad, fun even, likely the place to be on Lembongan after sunset. There is a pool table with tiny balls and one working crappy cue. There is a ping pong table next to it and they air live performances on a screen above the bar of Amy Winehouse, The Rolling Stones, a Double Dutch Dj medley and Miss Piggy just cameo’d on the last dj mix tune…

This morning Hannah and I went to yoga, taught by Melanie who lives in New York but is a France native. We passed many locals – men near the shore, women behind the first row of buildings, tending to the seaweed which is 85% of the local economy and mainly used for carageenan. Hungry as I was after yoga, I have never been so happy about coffee and toast. I paid $1.50 for scrambled eggs and I was elated in the shade, sun hot by 9 a.m..

Yoga’d up and full-bellied, I was feeling pretty good about my bargain find on accommodation until I realized the main female employee here seems to never smile and I noticed a male worker squatting, trimming the property’s grass with hand-held shears – not a huge area to tend but oy.

The sunsets are stellar. The ocean is shallow, either white sand or seaweed under the surface, fishing boats and fast transport boats anchored just off the shore, people trying paddle boarding, a parasailer in the distance, surf breaks afar, wind most of the day, coconuts and palm trees. There is an infinity pool, loungers, umbrellas, a happening (for a small island in slow season) bar with groovy tunes playing all day and night, cold small and large Bintangs in beer cozies and no one out of hand or ridiculous to change the view or atmosphere.

2 boats

As I take photos of the sunset and fishing boats, and catch up on my blogging, Hannah sits at the next table, responding after a while to a letter from her father who’s ‘not been a good father’ and ‘feels he should apologize but doesn’t know why.’ Also, she was in a long-term relationship with a man thirteen years older than her but a year ago returned from six months in Australia and ended it. Now she is considering taking up with a friend of three years. A couple of Bintangs and a few Marlboro’s later, she wrote fourteen pages and a couple of postcards. We each had pretty bad nachos and the bar shut down at 9:20pm.

5 hot sleeps left in Bali…


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