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Wayan Nuriasih, Spiritual Healer

January 24, 2013

I went to see Wayan Nuriasih, spiritual healer.
She was wearing a well-worn skin-coloured Super Mario Brothers tee tucked high into a green and gold sarong.
Wayan has a good, strong, clear presence. Direct, warm, knowing eyes.
I went for a future reading.

I got a two-liner for job future:
Easy you get job. You will getting better income

A past and present reading for love:
You have one big love, one medium love, one friend-boyfriend, yes?
You have four who have loved you and you didn’t respond.
Two you loved that didn’t respond.
Easy love you.

And a body reading:
She looked at my hand then directly at me, ‘You are vegetarian.”
She went through her body checklist:
Digestion sometimes bad, sometimes bloating. Blood pressure low.
Not very good sleep, low calcium, low vitamin E – skin is dry. You need more water.
Sometimes low back pain, shoulder and neck pain. Because you have block here – and she poked my lower right abdomen (kidneys).
Little alcohol ok, not a lot – your blood is sweet enough.
Busy mind.
Spiritually diligent – but sometime need focus.

Out of little smart, big smart, brilliant I got: smart.
Out of little sex and strong sex I got: strong sex.
(giddy up – I was a little trepidatious I would get big dumb and little sex.)

She gave me some really bitter green leaves to chew and swallow for my stomach, some ball-bearing-like things to swallow for my kidneys and —–x—– and a sedative for bed. “You come back tomorrow, I balance you. Body scrub. Balance. Nine o’clock.” I walked away from Wayan’s shop feeling lighter, stronger, taller, somehow fortified. Outside had gotten brighter too.

I went back in the morning for the scrub. I did the scrubbing, with what may well have been herbs-scented hot wet spinach. Wet green leaves in a bowl of hot water that I scrunched and then rubbed on myself. I rubbed it all over myself, “Stronger,” she directed me. Then a smaller bowl with other wet green leaves in a bowl with hot water for my hair, “Strong hair, no fall out,” and yet another bowl for a scrub for my feet, “For your feet, the energy come up.” Then a new bowl for my “private areas, yes”. I was fully scrubbed down. I thought I’d shower it off but no – she handed me more ball bearings and leaves and said, “You come back, when you have more money, we do busy head and back and shoulder pain.” I left Ubud two days later without seeing her again, but she is on my mind, with me still.

I had given her a CD. “People like to hear you, yes?” she smiled, it seemed knowing again. I was humble in response. “Yes you need more acknowledgement. More praise. Pray.” and she raised her hands in the air and smiled as she went upstairs, “Then you don’t have to work.

me guitar


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