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The Inner Nerd Shall Be Released

January 23, 2013

Honeymoon’s over. It was bound to happen.
“Are you going for a walk? We’ve been hanging out a lot,” he says to me on the porch.
I do believe we’d started to get on each other’s nerves.
To be honest, I was glad he brought it up.
I was very recently getting slightly annoyed by little things,
quick comments
smelly feet.
I figured he must be also.
I didn’t know if it was because I am just needing more me time
but I figured we had hung out for about a week
having never known each other before
and having embarked on solo expeditions to Bali.
I replied, “Yeah, I could go for a walk still, but I just started writing. I could do either.”
So he went on his way for a long walk. He has scoliosis, he told me. Since he told me, I notice his hunched over stature, and I see the benefits yoga could do for him.

Two days without getting his yoga on and I pull out a couple crossword puzzles. I effectively released his inner nerd. How did I not know? With no yoga, he got more talkative, opining in an overachiever sort of way. But when a clue came up that was obviously a Star Wars reference – Midcorians? – and it went over my head, “You’re not a real nerd!” he exclaimed nerdily. “I’ve embraced my nerdiness, but I’m not a huge nerd but I have some nerdy tendencies for sure.” I had handed him an unfinished crossword. “I don’t think you know what it means, me passing you an unfinished crossword, ” I told him, and he grinned acceptance of my inherent competitiveness wrapped in nerdiness. He made sure to make a little fun of me when I passed him his very own not-yet-started crossword.

bamboo bali

At first the elation was endearing, shiny eyes, smiling, and a comforted exhalation, the nerdy cat was out of the bag. But a day later, he starts tossing the crosswords aside, talking about them as addictions, “Like crack,” he attempts. “I doubt that,” I say, “The physical withdrawal alone doesn’t compare,” but he goes on about the need for time management and the inner nerd now let out, refuses – without yoga – to go back in. Since, he might start a crossword, but hands it back to me like I’m his keeper or sitter, so he doesn’t get carried away. If we were talking about gambling, I’d not be annoyed, but add to this feet up on the table, near my face one time ( moved), and partially blocking me (and my view) out at a couple sights and a message board, and just taking my water at will without asking – today when I’d grabbed one for each of us and his had more in it!

“Food is my vice,” he says between bites. “That’s your vice?” I ask. He has been ordering two plates of food to my one plate and a large Bintang at meals. He has no spare meat on his bones, hasn’t been eating meat here and while in Ubud has done 2-3 yoga classes a day. We just arrived back in Ubud, and off he went to the first yoga class available. I went for a quick swim and read.

Thing is – he is mostly great, easy, chill company. He doesn’t really snore, snort, belch or curse. He is respectful, honest, quiet, intelligent. We do our own thing: he yogas and juices it up, I read, email, lay by the pool, sometimes with a beer; he draws, I write; he drinks tea with sugar, I drink coffee, black; he exhales and sighs, I sing; he has a hee hee, I have a hoo hoo. He listens to my heady rambles, though, and he stays positive. He is the guy who says hello to everyone nearby and warmly grins invitingly. He is the one handing out American Spirits to the local snorkel dudes, and tipping more than the norm, appreciating. It’s nice.

Who knows what inner what’s been released in me and what he thinks of my company…

Balinese calendar


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