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Seminyak, Bali

January 13, 2013

Is it the foreignness or humidity in the air that seems to bring one’s scars to the surface… or is it super mild Bali belly? haha

Arrived on Bali after a smooth 22hrs en route. Welcomed by incense, taxis/taksis, scooters and smiles. Paid 100,000 rupiah ($10) to get to Hotel BALI AYU ($40/night, usually $70+) for a huge, two-bed, high-ceilinged room with air con, stone shower and nice bath. Friendly staff, pool, breakfast included. I am likely the only non-Aussie staying here. Unexpectedly, reminds me a bit of Mexico here. Had two Bintang (local beer) and sweet & sour Dory (fish), bed by 9:30pm.

Bali Ayu roomBali Ayu bathroomBali Ayu pool

Woke up with many thoughts – a sense of aloneness, a mild malaise (mostly in my belly), an anxiety, an unknowingness. The waves of uncertainty, lack of generativity and purpose hovering over me. What am I doing in my life? Do i have some defect that hasn’t allowed me to spend most of my time and adventures with a loving partner? meanwhile the usual tug-of-war, needing self-sufficiency, wanting to experience and learn on my own, to wander and observe, allow whatever repressed or hidden cuts to open, perhaps, while it is just me here, here unknown.

Seminyak beach

By 9am, I had meditated, done pushups, situps, swam in the pool and sat briefly in the sun. The malaise in my belly lingering – presumably, now – due to water or warmth. Walked around JL Petitenget, down narrow streets lined with beauty salons, shops and restaurants, sweating as I do. Found the ocean to stroll alongside. Humid, sunny-overcast today.

Shawn and Emma were in a scooter accident yesterday! Shawn was hurt. Will see them tonight. Tomorrow they head to Thailand and I arranged a pickup to check out the Blueberry Guitars workshop in Gianyar then I’m off to Ubud.

*Whoever invented air conditioning is definitely richer (in both senses) than whoever invented Arak*


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