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Bali Bound…

January 12, 2013

Jan 10-11 In transit – Taipei airport

Brad pitt Is everywhere. Airport duty free shops, propped up cut outs of him. Promoting Chanel 5.
Hello Kitty has her own store.
No alcohol in international wing at YVR.

Sunrise at Taipei airport – 8am here, 5pm day before for you (DST).
I hear of floods in Bali. Might fly to see various people, beaches, sun in Thailand or Ian from smugs in Saigon.

Not sure what I’m doing career-wise, not clear on what I really want.
Marek said: think about how you want to spend your days
And who you want to spend them with.
I love writing.
Once I wrote: I miss thinking I had something to say;
Now I miss having more clarity and pith yet eloquence,
As I think I have done and seen a few things and places,
Now to observe more in a place where English isn’t foremost.

Hemingway had a line in Midnight In Paris, yes ‘Hemingway’,
Something about ‘have you made love to a REAL woman’ –
getting lost in it, losing your fear of death, then you need to do it again.’
I think I have had ‘in the moment’ times recently and it feels nought
like other times. I am not saying it’s love, but I am not saying it is
merely lust. It is something warm, tender, new, and I haven’t been
able to stray too long from it. I like not thinking about the future.
It isn’t good for my career, but… I am on the journey, in transit…


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